This year’s summit will be the 17 September 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This spring we will select 50 very promising Nordic impact companies, start-ups and scale-ups, and invite them to be matched with up to 200 international investors and other business opportunities.

Impact companies are businesses that have a solution on the world’s grand challenges. We have a database with 1,000+ Nordic impact companies. We select them on their impact scalability combined with the commercial viability.

Unique opportunity for Nordic impact companies

If you are a founder of a Nordic impact company and are looking for international capital, we have a very unique proposition for you.

Please enter brief data about your company [ deadline: 1 June 2020 ] and ensure that you are part of the process where we select this years’ Nordic Top 50 Impact Companies. The selected companies will be presented mid-June.

All of the 50 impact companies will receive a free and very unique invitation to the Nordic Impact Business Summit 17 September 2020 in Copenhagen. We will match them with up to 200 international investors and business developers.

Are you an investor with appetite for sustainable solutions?

If you are an investor motivated to invest in a sustainable world, combined with a financial return, please stay tuned with our newsletter and you will get more info on how to get an invitation for this years summit.