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Aliga Microalgie300
Aliga Microalgae
from Denmark

Developing, cultivating and producing premium-quality, nutritious, protein-rich and functional Chlorella algae ingredients for food, beverage and dietary supplements and aquafeed applications. 

from Denmark

A device, that can give a correct measurement of freshness and precise expiration dates for fresh meat and fish. This device is an intelligent nose, which can measure the concentration of specific biomarkers. 

from Norway

A green tech start-up using seaweed to create novel and sustainable home compostable packaging materials.

from Finland

With a streamlined and modular approach, the solution helps you manage greenhouse gas emissions and removals effectively and communicate carbon footprints transparently across food supply chains.

Biotrans Nordic300
Biotrans Nordic
from Denmark

Biotrans quickly and efficiently removes the food waste in industrial kitchens, which is collected centrally in a tank solution, from where it is transported to the nearest biogas plant. The biomass is used i.a. for the production of green energy, district heating and electricity.

Bright Day Graphene300
Bright Day Graphene
from Sweden

A residual product from the forest industry and transform it into a high-quality graphene material, suitable for energy storage and other applications that benefits from the outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity of graphene.

from Denmark

Reusable packaging for the food and beverage industry handled by Cirqle in a connected service. We use technology and our platform to drive the process and make reuse easy for our customers.

from Denmark

We upcycle seagrass from beaches and use it as a filler to replace up to 70% plastic in products. Doing so, avoids 85% – 120% CO2e by storing seagrass in products

Decomer Technology
from Estonia

A novel water-soluble and edible packaging material as well as productsthereof. The material is plant-based, tasteless, transparent and hypoallergenic and can be used in food-,detergent-, pharmaceutical-, agricultural and other industries – combining convenience and sustainability.

from Sweden

Eliq enables energy providers to build digital energy products that customers use and love, that form strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

from Sweden

The first large-scale producer of BioCarbon in the Nordics, helping the shift towards a more environmentally-friendly steel industry.

from Denmark

Setting a new agenda by applying fermentation to produce natural and environmentally friendly aromas to revolutionize a wide range of food industries category by category – starting with beer.

from Norway

High-quality battery energy storage systems based on repurposed EV batteries for a range of applications. EV batteries are some of the safest and highest quality batteries available.

from Denmark

A patent pending biotech solution for cheese alternatives to transfer dairy expertise to legumes while enabling dairy plants to lower their emissions.

Flexpenser AB300
from Sweden

Air contaminates liquid products. Our core enabling technology makes every liquid packaging protected from oxidization and contamination – after opening – at the lowest cost.

from Denmark

The return system of the future, where users get a digital deposit for returning and sorting packaging. The digital pledge is exchanged for treats in the app, which consist of free products or cash savings at stores – online as well as physically.

from Norway

A mobility platform for Real Estate Developers to enable P2P car sharing on all properties, reducing parking pressure and solving mobility demand among tenants.

from Denmark

External wall elements that are both close to CO2 neutrality, and at the same time create a wonderful indoor climate, and which can be used for all types of residential construction.

Ideel kaffe
from Denmark

Denmark’s 1st and only home-compostable coffee capsule. 100% plant-based, made with up-cycled waste materials and filled with specialty coffees. Nespresso® compatible.

from Finland

A circular economy service for products and materials that can be reused in the food take away industry with a built in deposit system.

from Finland

Klaimet is a Nordic clothing brand who wants to produce textiles more sustainably. Products are manufactured in the EU and made from 100% recycled materials, such as textile and plastic waste. In addition to consumer sales, Klaimet offers versatile B2B solutions.

kleen hub300
from Denmark

A circular-environment-friendly deposit system to eliminate disposable packaging in the food and coffee delivery/takeaway industry by providing 100% plastic-free reusable containers and cups to our customers.

from Sweden

A carbon footprint calculations and climate labels guide that inspires chefs and restaurant guests to choose more climate-friendly, which coupled with a reporting function makes it easy to set sustainability goals, reduce food-related emissions and track progress to fight climate change.

from Denmark

Kvasir was built on a vision that we can eliminate carbon emissions from heavy transportation, by harnessing natural and abundant sources of biomass that do not compete with food.

from Norway

We make renewable energy an easy choice. We provide Thermal Energy Storage with thermal batteries to give the industry that choice. Supplying industries with the heat they need using only electricity.

from Norway

With reuse, recycling and sale, used building materials and fixtures get new life and increased value.

Manna Insect300
Manna Insect
from Finland

Making food production local, resilient and sustainable by smart climatised solar powered containers to upcycle biowaste to high quality animal feed anywhere in the world.

from Estonia

Myceen is growing carbon-negative and compostable materials by combining mushroom mycelium and organic byproducts. Currently focusing on the development of building materials.

from Sweden

A patented nanotechnology platform for air and water purification. The timing of this platform technology is essential since clean water is scarce, and air is becoming increasingly polluted.

Nature Preserve300
Nature Preserve
from Denmark

An affordable supply chain efficiency platform for Agri-food businesses to manage products and carbon footprint, enabling an efficient​ and sustainable food system.

Novige AB NoviOcean
from Sweden

A cleantech company that is developing and commercializing NoviOcean, a breakthrough wave energy converter concept with a goal of “saving the climate with profitable wave power.

OlsAro Crop Biotech300
OlsAro Crop Biotech
from Sweden

OlsAro is an agtech startup aiming for food security by enabling adaptation of wheat to climate change, sustainability and improved nutrition.

from Finland

A forerunner in energy transformation that produces and distributes green hydrogen to industrial and mobility users and produce e-fuels.

from Denmark

Every year 575,000,000 paint buckets are wasted in Europe, which equals to 413,000 Tons of CO2. Paintr has developed a patent-pending alternative saving 75% plastics and 50% CO2 emissions, when rethinking the packaging of paint.

from Denmark

Democratize AI in agriculture by supporting sustainable farming with a cost-effective, plug & play and AI-based camera sensor that optimizes usage of pesticides, fertilizer and increases harvest yield.

from Denmark

Creating a new paradigm for Dairy – starting with cheese. Combining science with craftsmanship developing and marketing radically more sustainable products without compromises on taste, nutrition and functionality.

from Denmark

At Reel, you buy electricity for your company from a new solar park, built as a consequence of your electricity agreement. You reduce your carbon emissions, get an attractive price, and take responsibility for the green transition.

Regen Farmer
from Denmark

Provides farmers and agricultural advisors with the services and tools needed to implement and manage regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. The first product is the agroforestry planning software RegenWorks.

Rodinia Generation
from Denmark

The company was founded with one goal: to eliminate overproduction in the fashion industry. The scalable Micro-factory concept empowers a generation to make precisely what they need, when they need it, and where they need it. 

from Denmark

Spotting local side streams from the food industry to develop tasty, healthy, and sustainable products using traditional fermentation techniques and an innovative approach.

from Denmark

Søuld is a Danish material manufacturer committed to providing forward-thinking designers, builders and end-users with eco-friendly, recyclable and CO₂-storing building materials made from eelgrass.

Stockeld Dreamery300
Stockeld Dreamery
from Sweden

Creating the world’s most ambitious cheese.

from Finland

An eco-friendly alternative for traditional fossil-based plastics that can be processed with existing plastic product machinery, making the switch from conventional plastic to an eco-friendly alternative easier than you might think.

from Norway

An machine learning driven online shopping assistant that will work on ANY website, to empower fashion lovers to shop sustainably.

Tempty Foods300
Tempty Foods
from Denmark

On a mission to provide innovative food options that are good for both people and the planet. The first product is TEMPTY, a new alternative to tofu and meat based on fungal protein mycelium.

from Finland

Provides a disruptive, cutting-edge technological tool creating global incentives for local communities to take care of their trees. Tree planters will geoposition all their planted trees to a global map with a photo.

from Denmark

UpFood aims is to develop supply chain of upcycled plant-based ingredients by upcycling surplus fresh produce and food industry side-streams.

Vacuum Insulation Solutions Oy300
Vacuum Insulation Solutions Oy
from Finland

Combines wood engineering with vacuum technology to build large scale, mostly wooden construction elements, that are scalable, intelligent, modular, sustainable, and extremely moisture tolerant.

from Denmark

Makes wave energy competitive – renewable energy for clean power and clean water.

from Finland

A wood-based, carbon-neutral and recyclable plastics for sustainable packaging and products. The main raw material of Woodly® is wood cellulose.