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Aion Sigma
from Finland

Mobile application for digital lending to entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Aqua Robur
from Sweden

The Fenix Hub is a self-powered IoT device which transforms a small part of the energy in the water pipeline into accessible electricity, thus it enables measurement where it’s most needed and not only where there is access to electricity.

Beyond Leather Materials
from Denmark

A leather alternative based on the apple pulp waste in cider production.

Blusense Diagnostics
from Denmark

BluBox is a portable IVD device specifically designed for single-drop-of-blood diagnostics operations in emerging markets to accurately identify several diseases and different health conditions.

boreal orchards_logo_bw
Boreal Orchards
from Sweden

An integrated automated system facility for producing forest tree planting material using somatic embryogenesis (SE) technology.

from Sweden

World-unique and patented deposit mobile app for recycling packaging. Everything with a barcode is depositable with the PantaPå app, e.g. plastic bags, milk bottles, take-away mugs – you name it!

BroadBit Batteries
from Finland

BroadBit is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy.

Care to translate
from Sweden

A medical application that is used in acute situations or in daily work to reduces the risk of misdiagnosis, malpractice, complications, readmissions and hospitalization time by providing safer and more accurate communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Clean Sea Solutions
from Norway

Two innovative technologies to reduce and prevent the inflow of plastic waste into the ocean: an automous robot and a modular floating dock.

CorPower Ocean
from Sweden

The ocean’s energy supply is endless but nobody has been able to develop wave power robust enough to withstand its power all while delivering energy at a reasonable price. Corpower is changing that.

from Finland

The worlds largest cosmetics database with the highest ingredient accuracy, in addition it is expanding continuously. 270,000+ users and 140,000+ products in the database gathered primarily from manufacturers, retailers and importers.

from Denmark

Enabling businesses to seamlessly and securely weave real user identity into their digital services and processes at the lowest total cost. Our ultimate goal is to equip all people with a real, trusted online identity.

from Sweden

Electrification is the only way for road freight to reach emission reduction goals. Einride makes it possible with intelligent freight mobility and autonomous electric transport (AET) solutions.

from Sweden

Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries.

from Denmark

As opposed to ordinary solar cell panels, the solar roof from Ennogie completely replaces the traditional roof. The roof is made of frameless solar cell panels with a black and homogeneous surface providing a simple, calm and design award winning look without any disturbing parts.

from Sweden

Use ambient or indoor lighting to power IoT sensors and other wireless products with Epishine’s light energy harvesting technology.

from Sweden

Cellulose Powder for specialists in thermoplastic composites (e.g. automotive interiors and consumer goods). FineCell’s cellulose microfibers are produced through a green and energy-efficient process, where we only use renewable chemicals.

from Finland

Heating optimization for indoor comfort and saves in heating costs. Application works automatically at room-level accuracy in any size of old and new building with water-circulating radiators, including commercial, public and residential premises.

eatgrim white black-01
from Denmark

EAT GRIM is a platform for ugly and surplus organic fruits and vegetables. They source the product directly from farms and bring it back into the food system.

from Norway

A platform that utilizes hardware, IoT and chip technology to enable simple return systems, allowing traditional linear products to become circular.

from Denmark

An app that assess the amount of carbs in your meals to give accurate insulin dosage recommendations. It tracks your blood sugar levels, time in range, exercise and carb intake, reminds and much more.

Hyperion Robotics
from Finland

A unique 3D printing process for production of concrete elements. This advanced manufacturing method allows builders to have design-freedom and create some of the most complex structures with no molds, in a more efficient and sustainable way.

from Denmark

Developing a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper. It utilizes drone technology to autonomously control a flying wing tethered to the ground, and this wing acts as the blade of a traditional wind turbine.

from Denmark

Cities worldwide are concerned about air quality, noise levels, congestion and its impact on both health and quality of life. Leapcraft have hardware sensors and IoT software platform to improve that.

Lifeline Robotics
from Denmark

Gentle and precise automatic swab for test of Covid-19 and other virus in the patient’s throat. With AI the robot gently and securely conducts the swab, places it back into the container, and puts on the lid. The sample is then ready for analysis.

from Sweden

Ljusgårda delivers sustainable and locally grown vegetables to store within 24 hours of harvest. The climate-certified indoor farm can, with help of Swedish innovation, control air, light and water to create the perfect growing conditions for each specific plant, 365 days a year.

MASH Energy
from Denmark

MASH Energy specialises in converting various agricultural residues into cheap, sustainable ISO compliant fuel products, which can be consumed in industrial applications, e.g. in the shipping industry.

from Finland

Metnin Technology is a lignin refinery. The challenge with lignin has been that there are very few commercial applications where it has been a drop-in solution. As a result, it has been used as fuel. However, lignin, being the second most abundant source of aromatic compounds, provides wonderful opportunities for new bio-based chemistry and materials.

from Sweden

Creating green protein with no plants. A fungi-based, next-generation vegan protein. A cooking experience superior to plants, using significantly less resources.

from Denmark

Improve yield, save cost, and avoid environmental contamination from fertilizers with a rapid test for soil, water, and plant tissue.

Organic Basics
from Denmark

A leading fashion company with a 100% responsbile and sustainable supply chain in materials, production and distribution. Most of the products are PETA Approved vegan friendly with no use of animal materials.

PAWA Technologies
from Norway

Free-to-use personal mobile solar energy that generates income. PAWA in your hands is a power bank, solar panel and lamp in three separate parts that are easy to connect.

Pharem Biotech
from Sweden

Advanced enzymatic treatment for removal of harmful organic compounds in demanding water environments. For industrial use as well as in households.

from Denmark

Pond produces bio resin systems which are 100 % bio-based and fully bio-degradable in nature. They are suitable to bind many types of natural fibers such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute – resulting in making fully biodegradable products.

from Denmark

Re-Match provide sport arenas and stadiums with the opportunity to dispose of their worn-out synthetic turf in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The first and only company to recycle 95% of the synthetic turf system whos process has been accredited with EUs Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) using ISO 14034.

from Denmark

Responding to the urgent global issue of waste, Really upcycle end-of-life textiles to create materials that challenge the design and architecture industries to rethink their use of resources, and to design with a circular economy in mind.

from Finland

Their soil remediation method degrades the contaminants in soil by stimulating the soil’s own microbial activity. It is cost-efficient, ecological and up to three times faster than conventional remediation practices.

from Sweden

Saveggy is a state-of-the-art biomaterial that extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables extensively.

from Sweden

A floating wind turbine for the ocean. The wind turbine is easier to build, install and maintain than traditional offshore wind turbines.

from Denmark

The merchant app for Africa and other emerging markets is a fully stocked inventory management system that business owners use to upload products, specify price points, stock levels, variants and much more.

Soil Steam
from Norway

Uses steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil. By using steam, they fight the weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes and leave most of the good organisms.

Starship Technologies
from Estonia

A network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Robots that revolutionize food and package deliveries, offering people convenient new services that improve everyday life.

Tarpon Solar
from Norway

This is a combination of laminated cloth used in the sailing industry and flexible solar cells. The canvas can be clamped up as a tarpaulin, or used on a framework such as a tent.

from Sweden

Proteins are essential both to our daily diets and to food production systems. Innovative protein sources are needed. Insects are one of them. One of the most efficient. For food production and as fertilizer in plant soil.

from Finland

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can sustainably service niche markets difficult to address for current technologies, e.g. EV supercharging, UPS applications and microgrids.

from Denmark

Tiimo is for people who need structure and visual guidance and is particularly useful for neurodiverse people with ADHD, autism, or Asperger’s.

from Sweden

Trifilon’s business is providing a more sustainable alternative to large-scale producers of plastic, but the roots of the company lie in high-tech, carbon-fiber super-vehicles, e.g. in aerospace and motorsports industries not to mention the military and civil engineering.

from Denmark

Unucare is an all-in-one clinical, operational and enterprise software system bringing all the benefits of modern web technologies to healthcare management. Built on advanced cloud architecture, it is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly across all devices and to integrate the growing power of AI into the workflow.

from Lithuania

A tiny, yet powerful energy harvester that generates electricity from wasted vibrations to power your wireless IoT sensors, therefore prolonging their lifetime or increasing the amount of signals.

from Sweden

Vultus makes precision farming tools using satellite data. With these tools, farmers can reduce their nitrogen fertilizer use by up to 1/3rd and increase their crop yields. They can also download precision variable-rate nitrogen prescriptions, straight from satellites to their tractors.