Let's Change from a "Market Only" to a "Market Also" View

Imagine there are no problems.

No need to convince your customers of your excellence. No unnecessary growth rate to please your shareholders with. No need to increase loyalty among your employees. No inappropriate extraction of natural resources to produce your goods. No exploitation of people to provide competitive services. No need for regulations concerning privacy in the digital workspace.

Imagine there is not even a climate crisis to adapt to.

Resilience to potential problems. That’s how many of us like to address our business nowadays. Most business leaders think of problems – hence micromanaging far too much. All the time. A constant analysis on how to improve. A continuous planning to reduce risks. An ongoing work to perform better. We try to maximize our financial outcome while being 100 percent resilient to uncertainty. Twentyfour seven.


And when we don’t succeed to find solutions all the way we substitute for that. Some of us just live with incompleteness. Some of us cut corners. Some of us don’t tell the whole truth to our shareholders, to our customers, to society – not even to ourselves.

A few change though.

They don’t think of problems to define their business. They chose to imagine what world and marketplace they would like to live and act in. They picture themselves in the entire system. They define succes when one can contribute to the world. 

They have a regenerative mindset and develop value propositions that honor each and everyone around them.

They build a reliable proposition for the world – for the marketplace, but also for people, society, environment and nature. They lead with accountability. And they have transparency built into their daily operations.

Some call it modern value disruption.

It’s more than that. It’s business transformation to a preferred world.

We Coach Company Founders in Impact Business Modeling

Imagine the Good Outcome

Stick to an Honest Narrative

Become A Reliable Character

Plan for Systemic Change

Describe the future you like to see – how a positive social and environmental outcome could define your business proposition in the market and for society.

Learn how to build trust and reliability around your impact goal among your employees, customers, end users, investors and other stakeholders.

Understand the impact value propositions that motivate your employees, customers and owners – and are relevant in the marketplace.

Design the systemic innovation needed in your organization –
with sustainable and ethical standards – to lead your company and the market towards your impact goal.

Define Your Root Causes

Develop Your Methodology

Set Responsible KPIs

Lead with Accountability

Understand the causes and the barriers that stand in front of your impact goal and the good outcome you wish to realize.

Develop the indicators, metrics, data collection and measurement method that is needed to deliver an invention (technology, product and service) that align with your impact goal.

Describe the ratio between your positive impact and your economic growth – and how your impact can outperform your commercial outcome even without any economic growth at all.

Implement the transparency and equality needed in the supply chain, and take that ethical leadership needed to transform the market to a world we all cherish to live and act in.

Accelerators are Already Working with Our Methodology

Impact Business Modeling is a methodology, a set of tools and a curriculum used by acclaimed accelerators in the Nordics and the Baltics. We usually work in batches of 8-12 startups at a time.

Do you also want to understand how to help impact startups achieve the positive impact they envision when aligning it with their business progress? Please contact us for a meeting.

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