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LOGO_ONEBillede 1 Billede
from Denmark

A multi-sided platform with access for farmers, farm advisors, carbon certificate buyers to build more sustainable farming.

LOGO_ONEBillede 2 Billede
from Denmark

Easy to use IoT sensors that help people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy.

LOGO_ONEBillede 3 Billede
from Norway

A circular bio economy with the aim to recycle biowaste, CO2 and waste heat to fuel microalgae cultivation.

LOGO_ONEBillede 4 Billede
from Estonia

Adtech enabled MicroEV food delivery & waste management service.

LOGO_ONEBillede 5 Billede
Big Akwa
from Sweden

A food-tech innovation start up, that revolutionizes land-based aquaculture with industrial symbiosis between the aquaculture and forest industry.

LOGO_ONEBillede 6 Billede
BioFiber Tech
from Sweden

A patented technology to transform wood fibers from Nordic forest to a new renewable bio-feedstock to the plastic industry to reduce the dependence on fossil based plastics.

LOGO_ONEBillede 7 Billede
from Estonia

A cloud-based platform that simplifies retrofitting of energy-saving solutions for buildings to reach a zero-CO2 building stock.

LOGO_ONEBillede 8 Billede
from Denmark

A biotechnology company developing biocellulose-based materials to replace intensive man-made plastics in a wide range of applications, from packaging to cosmetics.

LOGO_ONEBillede 9 Billede
from Estonia

Connecting bicycles & scooters to the internet to offer an immersive ride experience, reduce carbon footprint and decrease commuting times worldwide.

LOGO_ONEBillede 10 Billede
from Estonia

A mobile first income and expense management tool for SMEs in Africa and other emerging countries.

LOGO_ONEBillede 11 Billede
Din Psykolog
from Sweden

A digital psychologist service that is always open lowers threshold to get help and make it significantly easier for regular people to start seeing a psychologist.

LOGO_ONEBillede 12 Billede
from Denmark

Making ecological production more attractive with robotics and ICT to apply biological pest control rather than conventional pesticides.

LOGO_ONEBillede 13 Billede
from Sweden

Meeting the growing demand for green energy and charging stations by transforming private charging stations into public ones and increasing utilization for struggling charging operators​.

LOGO_ONEBillede 14 Billede
from Sweden

A technology that enables a cost-effective way to store large amounts of varying renewable energy, such as sun and wind, under water.

LOGO_ONEBillede 15 Billede
from Norway

An electric boat that is climate neutral from the factory and through its entire life cycle until end of life and recycling. 

LOGO_ONEBillede 16 Billede
from Estonia

A platform that pays electricity consumers to go green. Consumers give electrical flexibility in return.

LOGO_ONEBillede 17 Billede
Generation Waste
from Sweden

Helps restaurants and municipal kitchens to achieve a change in behavior and reduce their food waste.

LOGO_ONEBillede 18 Billede
Geyser Batteries
from Finland

Safe and sustainable heavy-duty batteries using proprietary water-based electrochemistry to enable electrification of heavy machinery and transition to 100% renewables-based grid.

LOGO_ONEBillede 19 Billede
Hey Planet
from Denmark

Disrupting the food industry by creating delicious and nutritious foods based on insects with “the world’s first sustainable meat”.

LOGO_ONEBillede 20 Billede
Hooked Foods
from Sweden

A new generation of 100% plant based seafood.

LOGO_ONEBillede 21 Billede
from Finland

Solutions for modern urban farming to grow fresh vegetables, berries, greens and edible flowers for personal use or commercial purposes.

LOGO_ONEBillede 23 Billede
from Sweden

Develops smart shelf life labels for packaged food to enable the shift from static to dynamic shelf life.

LOGO_ONEBillede 24 Billede
from Sweden

Digital deposit system for reusable packaging and circular products.

LOGO_ONEBillede 25 Billede
Mbegu Solar
from Sweden

African micro-entrepreneurs sustainable technology and payment infrastructure to grow their business.

LOGO_ONEBillede 26 Billede
from Lithuania

Magnetic drive for a contactless transfer of powerful torque for a new-gen sustainable kitchen.

LOGO_ONEBillede 27 Billede
Mine Storage
from Sweden

Uses water and gravity offered by mines to store electrical energy enabling more renewable energy to the energy system.

LOGO_ONEBillede 28 Billede
New Loop
from Denmark

A unified reuse system for all take-away packaging.

LOGO_ONEBillede 29 Billede
from Sweden

AI-Powered data analytics providing a tailored understanding of battery performance and degradation.

LOGO_ONEBillede 30 Billede
Ocean Harvesting
from Sweden

A patented technology that transforms waves into clean, reliable and cost-efficient electric energy.

LOGO_ONEBillede 31 Billede
from Sweden

A circular subscription service for baby gear so producers can to offer their products as a service.

LOGO_ONEBillede 32 Billede
from Norway

Transforms existing and future garages in residents and office buildings to meet the needs and demands of todays and future urban areas for sustainable cities.

LOGO_ONEBillede 33 Billede
Peafowl Solar Power
from Sweden

Transparent solar cells empower the next generation of IoT devices to be self-powered, like indoor sensors, displays and wearables.

LOGO_ONEBillede 51 Billede
from Norway

An e-health system to detect jaundice in newborns – a condition causing more than 100,000 deaths and brain damages every year, and if detected can be easily treated.

LOGO_ONEBillede 34 Billede
Polarnight Energy
from Finland

Converts electricity to heat, and store it for later use in hot sand as the storage medium.

LOGO_ONEBillede 35 Billede
from Sweden

Eliminating the problems with long charging times, high prices, limited range and inadequate refueling infrastructure for electric vehicles.

LOGO_ONEBillede 36 Billede
from Sweden

Offers real-time energy transparency, tracking all your CO2 emissions and letting you know your exact energy footprint.

LOGO_ONEBillede 37 Billede
from Estonia

Ensures an extended lifecycle of home electronics to reduce the negative footprint and global CO2 emissions.

LOGO_ONEBillede 38 Billede
from Denmark

Enabling sustainable farming with autonomous mobile robots and data driven insights.

LOGO_ONEBillede 39 Billede
from Finland

The world’s first autonomous driving software product, built for last-mile transportation.

LOGO_ONEBillede 40 Billede
from Denmark

The sustainable coffee company that works directly, on-the-ground with local communities, conserving forests.

LOGO_ONEBillede 41 Billede
Soft Seaweed
from Norway

Assists seaweed farmers in planning and executing daily operations to predict the yield and ideal harvest time.

LOGO_ONEBillede 42 Billede
Solar Fire
from Finland

With solar concentration, they replace polluting fires with direct solar energy through impact engineering, solar thermal products and GoSol educational job-creation program.

LOGO_ONEBillede 43 Billede
from Sweden

Develops transparent plastics that capture and store energy from the sun during the day and release heat after sunset.

LOGO_ONEBillede 44 Billede
from Sweden

Provides a financial fitness app empowering young adults to build sustainable personal finance through Open Banking, Nudging and Personalised Habit Programs.

LOGO_ONEBillede 45 Billede
from Finland

Improves the energy efficiency of industrial processes by providing active magnetic bearings to equipment manufacturers in a simple and affordable way.

LOGO_ONEBillede 46 Billede
Stockholm Water Technology

A hardware and software integrated technology to bring smartness to the water system while offering an exceptionally high water recovery and low energy use. 

LOGO_ONEBillede 47 Billede
Sweden Algae Factory
from Sweden

The mesoporous silica replaces harmful and less efficient chemicals in solar panels and in high-end organic personal care, while cleaning our oceans.

LOGO_ONEBillede 48 Billede
from Denmark

Upcycling surplus fresh produce and food industry side streams into nutritious vegan ingredients.

LOGO_ONEBillede 49 Billede
from Latvia

Revolutionizing weed management by developing AI empowered high precision laser-weeding solutions for conventional and organic farmers.

LOGO_ONEBillede 50 Billede
from Denmark

3D print Affordable Tiny Homes from Upcycled Waste Plastic and reduces the overall CO2 footprint of the construction with over 80% and bind 6 tons of waste plastic per 20m2 home.