Impact Report Nordic Investors 2021 is the third market analysis of intentions, approaches and activities among early stage investors in the Nordic and Baltic region investing for a postive impact.

The environment is high on investors agenda. Nordic and Baltic investors prioritize energy (18%), climate (13%) and agriculture (11%) in the IRIS+ themes.

Integrating methods to track outcomes and economic growth is high on the agenda. We see high engagement with the practice of setting goals and define impact metrics. 64% already measure and describe social or environmental impact in their portfolio. 73% of respondents say that they have defined methods and are using impact metrics, or about to implement this. 

Among those that have defined their impact metrics, we see that slightly less than half make use of international standards or best-practice. It is more common to develop a proprietary approach or leave it to the investees to define their goals and choose their methods for tracking and reporting.

72% find that their impact investments perform financially in line or above their expectations as well as on their impact targets.

Launch of Impact Report Nordic Investors 2021

Please see a recording of the summary presentation of Impact Report Nordic Investors at Nordic Impact Business Summit 8-9 December 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark.