Over the last four years we have established a community of 400+ Nordic and international investors with focus on impact investing. We offer services that help them to act on the intention to generate a positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

A Diverse Offer of Services

We provide our international investor community with a range of services.

Based on years of research and data collection we have all the needed insights to provide opportunities for any kind of investor interest.

Deal flow of Nordic impact startups

We can help investors with access to 2,000+ Nordic startups including green tech and other sustainable solutions for a global market. 

Matchmaking with co-investors for impact

We have a large international community of investors with appetite for co-investing in green tech and other sustainable solutions. We can match you with them.

Impact startup assessment

We provide a case by case investment analysis for investors to be really targeted on their intention to do good.

Impact Investment Modeling

How do you take action on your intention to do good in the world? We have a clear methodology on how to approach and plan for investments that improve the world for people and the environment around you. 


Who (and what) can your capital serve more than just yourself?


What do you like to achieve for the beneficiaries?


How do you invest to achieve the planned outcome?


When and what kind of return do you expect from the activities?