webinar 2

March 12, 2021 @ 09:00

OVID-19 has fundamentally changed the perceptions of both investors and entrepreneurs as the impacts of pandemic have disparately affected the human communities around the world. This global crisis of Coronavirus isn’t a trigger but a catalyst to expose the economic challenges accumulated from the global recession and long-standing disparities throughout societies in the long past. It has driven more business leaders to amplify their efforts to address sustainable technology and contribute to positive solutions that strengthen both market and societal resilience to future crises. Policymakers, impact entrepreneurs and investors are motivated by a common desire to advance green technology, healthcare and environmental innovations, digital economy and clean energy in the realms of both business and public policy. Their intuition is clear, that is to pursue two goals at once – investment returns and social or environmental returns.

How would business elites, like you, vitalize ideas for a positive impact in the demanding and pragmatic world like today? Why would venture capitalists, institutional investors and pension fund to spare their attention to your proposal for a better futur