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from Sweden

Addressya is an app and a platform that allows people everywhere to create a complete, precise and easy to use address, and then share with whomever they want with full control of their personal data

from Sweden

Air pollution is responsible for one in nine deaths globally and is the single largest environmental health crisis we face, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). 7 million people die annually as a result of poor air quality – especially in developing markets. Airinum market “Urban Air Mask” that filters out more than 95% of particles

from Sweden

The Altered nozzle product reduces water consumption by 98% in 60 seconds. The super simple installation and retro-fit solutions make the change possible in a few minutes

from Norway

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food sectors on the planet, offering meaningful solution to global food deficits. Aquabyte´s mission is to be the best software tech company creating environmentally sound and sustainable food production

from Denmark

ARYZE aims to provide payment infrastructure that enables individuals, businesses, and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem

from Denmark

Biotrino produce and market foodproducts made from Blonde Chlorella – a micro algae, widely recognized as a superfood with a very high protein content and a very low carbon footprint

from Norway

Blueye Pioneer underwater drone you are able to perform frequent and efficient underwater inspections and mapping

Bright Products
from Norway

Bright Products produces lamps and other equipment powered by solar power. The products enable off-grid living

Carbo Culture
from Finland

Carboculture take waste biomass and convert the waste into a stable, solid carbon called biochar. The biochar holds the carbon stable for 500+ years. The biochar can be used for different products

from Sweden

Cgrain Value™ is an analytical instrument developed to assess the quality of grain using single kernel analysis

from Sweden

Chromafora offers customers a tailored technology, SELMEXT™ (Selective Metal Extraction), to handle waste streams containing dissolved heavy metals. The high selectivity also enables recycling of elements, for example such as Zn, Cu and REM

Circular Food Technology
from Denmark

Circular Food Technology turns leftovers from beer brewing into a nutritious and tasty flour under the brand name Agrain. Agrain prevents food waste and adds extra fibres, protein, vitamins and taste to bread and snacks

Clean Motion
from Sweden

Clean Motion has developed a small electrical vehicle, Zbee, suitable for short distance transportation of up to 3 people and smaller goods

from Norway

Comlight has developed the world’s first patented control system that reduces the wasteful consumption of energy when lighting roads and other public places, without compromising the safety

Dall Energy
from Denmark

Dall Energy provides new biomass energy technologies to the global market

from Sweden

Deligate Store is an application that will give you and your co-workers an innovative tool to see which specific products that are about to expire. Deligate will keep track on all expiration dates and help you make sure that nothing expires

Dessert Control
from Norway

Desert Control has created Liquid Nanoclay which is sprayed directly onto dry, sandy land and then creates a water retaining network capable of retaining 65% more water. This means less water consumption, cost reductions, more robust soil and higher yield.

from Norway

Diwala has developed a decentralised platform that verifies people’s skills and provides access to job markets

from Finland

GuardianX connects your friends and family, validated community members and authorities all to one platform. GuardianX community enables people to be safe anytime, anywhere

from Denmark

Hiveonline has created an app that supports small businesses in finding work, managing delivery and getting paid. At the same time the business builds a trust score to prove a reputation with new customers, partners and stakeholders

from Finland

Huoleti has built an online platform that empowers patients, families and volunteers during a period of severe illness.

Jamii Pay
from Denmark

JamiiPay is a service developed with and for the unbanked communities in the developing world. They provide opportunities for saving in a stable currency, with low cost transactions, free payments, and access to loans

Just Arrived Logo_bw
Just Arrived
from Sweden

The leading integration hub in Sweden with tailor-made integration solutions that help companies improve their recruitment aiming for equal conditions for long-term employment.

from Denmark

Lifeshelter is dedicated to improving living standards for refugees and internally displaced populations by providing sustainable and dignified low-cost shelter solutions

from Denmark

M-PAYG is a provider of high-quality prepaid solar energy systems for the developing world. The systems allow off-grid low-income households and businesses to access solar energy through small-scale mobile repayments

Marine Garden
from Norway

Aquaculture is the most promising and efficient alternative to meet the increasing market demand for seafood.  Marine Garden reinvents aquaculture and mimics nature with seabed farming of highly valued local habitat species

Matter pension
from Denmark

Matter offers an investment platform, that enables sustainable retirement investments for individuals

from Denmark

Miiskin has created an app that helps the user track moles on skin. Worldwide 232.000 people get diagnosed with melanoma each year

from Sweden

Mimbly produces innovative solutions that reduce water consumption and stop microplastics from reaching the ocean. The Mimbox is connected to a laundry machine and recycles the water that would normally go to the sewer

No Isolation
from Norway

Social isolation and loneliness strikes the most vulnerable groups in society hardest. Two of the most exposed groups are those over the age of 80 years and children and young adults with long-term illness. No Isolation  reduces loneliness and social isolation through warm technology, e.g. the robot AV1 for children with long-term illness

Nord Sense
from Denmark

Nordsense offers a simple and affordable solution to optimize waste collection processes. The system can drastically reduce capital expenditure and carbon footprint, while improving workflow

Nordic Harvest
from Denmark

Nordic Harvest is a Vertical Farm and grows crops indoors, where the growth area is utilized optimally by placing the plants in floors. They have full control of the plants’ environment and can create the best conditions for their growth and deliver delicious, tasteful and extra nutritious herbs and salads every day of the year – 100% free of pesticides and herbicides

from Sweden

Normative automatically assess your sustainability, and generate sustainability reports, by analysing your bookkeeping records and ERP-systems. Normative automates the process of reporting according to international standards like GRI, CDP and GHG-protocol as well as follow laws and regulations, like EU-directive 2014/95/EU. Normative automatically give you 59% of all KPIs in a GRI-report and 77% of a CDP-report

from Denmark

Octlight has developed a swept light source technology that allows for full 3D images of the eye. The technology will be an affordable and accurate way for early diagnosis of eye diseases

from Sweden

PowerCell develops and supplies fuel cells, systems and services that lower environmental impact from energy generation and at the same time create a value for the customers through high product efficiency and durability. By using research and advanced technological development they enable the fossil free society

from Finland

ProtectPipe’s environmentally friendly microbial solution keeps housing co-op’s drains clear of organic waste and postpones the need for repairs. The solution consists of live microbial strains that use organic waste as fuel and transform it into water and carbon dioxide. This stops the corrosion process in the drainpipes and prevents harmful nutrients from entering the fragile ecosystem of the Baltic sea

Pure Effect
from Sweden

A new generation of garment care and interior cleaning, based on active bacterial culture and the knowledge of natures own way of removing dirt and odor

from Denmark

Resen Waves is the first company in the World to provide continuous power and real-time data connectivity to autonomous instruments and machinery in the sea, as a plug and play solution

Resq Club
from Finland

With the ResQ app you rescue restaurant food and make it affordably. Save time, money and help the environment by purchasing surplus meals with a discount from your local restaurants and retailers

from Finland

SansOx develop new solutions and innovative applications for water treatment needs worldwide for different kinds of water. They have dissolved different gases into water that can be used both industrial and potable water purification and also for plantation and fish farming in order to exceed biological growth

from Sweden

Skymining produces solid, carbon negative fuel made from densified atmospheric CO2. The fuel can be burned to directly replace fossil fuels in industry, heating and electricity production. It can also serve as basis for other products and services, such as variations of liquid fuel

Solar Sack
from Denmark

2 Billion people currently don’t have access to safe drinking water. SolarSack is a household water container that provides safe water by using only the sun

from Finland

Solein, invented by Solar Foods, is a revolutionary natural protein source for the global food industry: suitable for varied consumer diets, and virtually for all food products and types. An innovation created by leading cleantech expertise of Finland and based on a concept by NASA, the unique and pure single-cell proteins of Solein are produced from CO2, water, and electricity

from Denmark

The pallet rack by SpaceInvader lets you carry more goods on every truck, for the benefit of your bottom line, the environment, and the work of your employees. By stacking higher, you profit off your previously unused space. You benefit every time you stack two pallets on top of each other, because you are now moving two pallets for the price of one

from Norway

Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. The product lets the user generate and explore a multitude of site proposals, sort out the best ones, and provides detailed analyses for each of them. It enables a fantastic level of insight and a collaborative workflow among architects, engineers, real estate developers, and municipalities

from Norway

Most tidal power plants today generate power only in one direction. Projected, next-generation tidal plants with two-way production have sub-optimal production. With a simple and patented solution, Tidetec optimizes the technology of two-way hydro turbines. The Tidetec concept is the most logical way to harness two-way hydropower, such as tidal, in the most cost effective way possible

Too Good To Go
from Denmark

To Good To Go has created a market for left over foods from restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets.

from Norway

TotalCtrl has created a digital solution to reduce foodwaste in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets

from Finland

Tracegrow has developed a technology to extract, purify and reuse the vital trace elements Zinc and manganese from alkaline batteries and circulate them safely back to the nature as the world´s most ecological Zinc and manganese-based micronutrient products for farming

from Sweden

Trine makes it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets. Their mission is to triple return on investment – earn a profit while making social and environmental impact