Get matched with 50 very promising and investment ready Nordic impact startups.

Find new co-investors for impact

In each matchmaking session you meet with one founder and several other global investors with similar preferences as your’s and discuss the business case.

9th of December 10am – 1pm CEST

Get Your Ticket   |  Deadline 29th of November   |  Limited to 200 Investors*

Let us understand your investment approach

The study is anonymous and aims to reveal new insights into the impact investing market in the Nordic countries.

The data collected is the basis for a thorough market analysis and will be published in as ‘Impact Report Nordic Investors 2020’ at the summit.

1. Take the survey today and get a ticket for the summit.

Let us match you according to your preferences

It will not be a coincidence who you will meet and spend your precious time with at the summit.

To be able to match you with some of the Nordic Top 50 Impact Companies that fit your interest and investor criteria, we need to know who you are and what you are aiming for.

2. Submit your investor profile and you are all set.

* LIMITATION: The summit is limited to the 200 participants [investors and business developers] who take the impact investing survey and submit their investor profile no later than 20th of November 2020.
PRIVACY: All data is treated with highest anonymity and confidentiality and will not be used with any other purpose than stated above. Your rights for privacy will be handled according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) under the European Union privacy law.